Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Growth forecast for IT in 2012

It is time for some interesting numbers: IDC reported that revenue in worldwide server market saw an increase of 5.8% in 2011. Canalys predicts that revenues of the leading IT industry titans will collectively grow by 11% in 2012 while Forrester says 2012 will be a year where the Enterprise Content Management market will grow significantly. And to put the all percentages in perspective: According to Garnter Enterprise IT spending saw a 2011 forecast of $2.5 trillion.

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

G20 Internet economy to nearly double by 2016

And "no company or country can afford to ignore this development. Every business needs to go digital,” said David Dean, who coauthored the BCG study.

The study forecasts that the value of  of the web economy in G20 countries will nearly double by 2016, from $2.3tn in 2010 to $4.2tn. According to the study, companies that use the Internet to sell, market and interact, usings tools like social media, grow faster than companies that do not.

You can read more in a BBC article. The article addresses some issues of the study - that is, where to draw the line between the digital and physical economy?

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Web blackout today?

Have you tried to reach the english version of Wikipedia today? Or wondered why Google is showing a blacked-out logo (if you reside in the US)? Today is the global protest day against the US SOPA and PIPA bills. So what? - you might think, it is the US Internet regulation and won't affect other countries. But unfortunately, it does.

So, what is SOPA and PIPA?
SOPA stands for "Stop Online Piracy Act," and intends to blacklist sites like Pirate Bay that share copyrighted films and music. PIPA  ("Protect Intellectual Property Act") has a similar proposal, giving US corporations and the government the right to seek affirmative legal action with any website that they see as enabling copyright infringement whether of US origin or not.

This means, your website or blog could be unfairly blacklisted and then shut down. Furthermore, these bills will affect our daily Internet use. Everything, a Wikipedia text, a blog, even search is then subject to these policies. These bills would give US authorities the power to block sites accused of copyright infringement at the domain level. And how is this different from censoring the Internet in authoritarian regimes like Iran?

What can you do?
Start with visiting Stop American Censorship. And there is more to read:
What SOPA means around the world - literally
All about SOPA on The Guardian

Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

IBM says mind-control your PC in five years

OK, now you got my attention. IBM has released its annual prediction for the future of technology, based on the current market and societal trends and has come up with personal-power generation, biometrics replacing passwords, the end of the digital divide, automatic scheduling and purchasing software, and mind control of PCs.

Well, with all the rumours news about Apple's Siri controlling your TV and Minority Report-like aka Kinect human-computer-interaction, the next step is mind control. Mind however, you still need EEG devices like Emotiv's EPOC neuroheadset , to control your gadgets.

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Warren Buffett avoids Apply, Microsoft or Google, buys IBM

Legendary investor Warren Buffett has bought a $10.7 billion stake in IBM over the last eight months. In the past, Buffett stayed away from investing in tech companies, because he doesn't understand them.
In the running for the tech company pageant, the Oracle of Omaha - also known as Warren Buffett - picks IBM ahead of Apply, Microsoft or Google.

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

IBM appoints Rometty its first female CEO

IBM elects Virginia Rometty and president and CEO. Which means, women will be heading the two of the world's largest technology companies, the other being Hewlett-Packard naming Meg Whitman as its boss. Read more of the appointment in The Guardian's article: IBM names its first female CEO

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

Stay hungry. Stay foolish

Only last Friday, we blogged that Apple was crowned the most valuable company. Today, digital giants and the gadget junky next door mourn the Steve Jobs alike, the man who brought us the iGadgets and changed the music industry. We at IBMATRIX will remember Jobs by his quote: Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.